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Sissification and Humiliation


Sean arrives as himself and leaves as Dixie, a French maid ready to serve anyone! Dixie learns to be of sexual service to any and all and if satisfied, Dixie will be able to serve the live action shoot. Being a woman is tough and Dixie learns this the hard way with plenty of cruel whipping and deep deep humiliation dished out by me. This is on sissification transformation you don’t want to miss!

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Mistress Nicki Hunter’s Pussy Worship POV!

Since you’ve all been very good lately, Nicki is rewarding you with a bonus POV video! Get up close with Mistress Nicki Hunter and her beautiful pussy! She’s going to instruct you on just how she wants her delicious cunt to be serviced and you must obey!!

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A Chastity Punishment For The Fuck Slave


Robert Axel returns and the Bitches need to torture his gorgeous muscle man. Mistress Lorelei Lee whips him and hangs all over his strong body while torturing his cock before fucking him in the ass. All he wants is to get inside his beautiful mistress and he thinks he will until Lorelei locks his cock away in a CB6000 and rides and rubs all over his strong body letting him have little tastes of her perfect ass and pussy. Robert swells and throbs in his chastity belt and Mistress Lorelei Lee couldn’t be happier!

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